A word about Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev's father

The name of the front-line soldier and journalist Kemel Tokayev is widely known in the Kazakh literary community. He is rightly considered as a founder of a detective genre in Kazakhstan. His son, President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev, shared his thoughts about the life and fate of Kemel Tokayev in his book Word on the Father. Tokayev was born to the modest family on October 2, 1923. His homeland is the village of Kalpe, Karatal district, Almaty (former Taldykorgan) region. He passed the orphan childhood, the horrors of the Great Patriotic War, but he couldn’t witness the independence of Kazakhstan. During the years of collectivization, the Kemel Tokayev's family was forced to leave their homeland in order to avoid starvation.
"The family council decided to travel to the city of Frunze (now Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan) in order to wait out difficult times and try to escape from the famine that literally mowed the Kazakh generations. The road to Frunze was long and arduous," shared in the book "Word about the father" Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev.
In Frunze, Kemel Tokayev’s father agreed with the Russian family to live with them for a while in exchange for hard work in the care of the household.
In 1933, misfortune has descended their tiny mud hut - Kemel Tokayev's little sister burned at the stove where she was playing. Mother could not outlast the horrors of the death of her child right in front of her eyes. Kemel and his elder brother Kasym, who were in the city, were mistaken for orphans by the police and sent to the children's receiver. Kemel Tokayev's father lost the meaning of life and disappeared without a trace.
Years later, Kemel Tokayev graduated from sergeant courses at the Frunze Infantry School. Then he was sent to a military unit, which was part of the Stalingrad Front. After three months of participation in the battles, he was wounded, but did not want to remain in the military hospital and ended up in the 7th Guards Tank Regiment of the breakthrough, which was part of the First Ukrainian, and then the Second Belorussian Front.
Kemel Tokayev, being a native of rural hinterland, practically did not know Russian. By coincidence of harsh circumstances, the war became his first life university, where he received courage lessons and basic communication skills in Russian. His personal notebooks where he entered grammatical examples with his calligraphy have been preserved. He also outlined literary read of prominent Russian writers, memorizing whole paragraphs by heart. Together with the tank regiment, Kemel Tokayev marched through the expletive fields of Belarus, Ukraine and Poland, and participated in the defense of Stalingrad. By the end of 1944, he was awarded two orders of the Patriotic War and numerous medals for courage and bravery.
In 1945, Tokayev entered the first course of the philological department of the Kazakh State University named after Kirov (now KazNU). He was on crutches and wearing uniform during applying to the university.
Three years later, he tried himself as a journalist in the children's newspaper "Pioneer of Kazakhstan", a couple of years later he became the chief editor of the publication. Then he first thought about the career of a writer. He dedicated his first book, Star Trek, to Kazakhstani pioneers.
"Three years after the publication of his first book, my father completed work on a very interesting piece dedicated to the hard work of the police. The name of the book was very successful, it fit into one word, but it sounded very significant: "Taskyn" ("Stream", published in 1958). Prior to the publication of this book, there was essentially no such kind of artwork in the Kazakh language, the father was the first to enter this path, "writes Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev.
The book allowed Kemel Tokayev to secure the status of the founder of a detective genre in Kazakh literature. For the “Stream”, for the first time, he received the first prize at the republican contest of artistic works dedicated to the work of the police.
Time will pass, and even the Americans will be interested in the work of Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev’s father - letters will be received from the Library of Congress and the University of Illinois asking them to send two copies of the novel “The Last Blow”.
The works of Kemel Tokayev are stored on the shelves of the National Library of Kazakhstan. Librarian Onay Myrzagaliyeva recalls that during her school years she read out to the master of the genre fascinating detective stories.
Father was worried about the problem of translating books into Russian, notes Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev. He writes: “Father did not have the opportunity to attract Moscow translators, and he had to use the services of local writers who were unemotional with their work».
" The father, as he could, tried to correct the errors in the translation, he spent a long time lingering over the texts, ”says the book“ Word about the Father ”.
Shortly before his death, Kemel Tokayev, according to his son, could only dream that his children would firmly stand on their feet, gain respect in society and give their children an education.
The Kazakh writer did not know that in 2019 his son Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev would become the president of Kazakhstan, the country that gained independence.

A source: m.ru.sputniknews.kz

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