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The Kemel Tokayev Foundation was founded in 2008. The Foundation is a non-profit organization. The Fund does not set itself the goal of generating income from its activities and pursues socially useful goals. All revenues are directed to the achievement of its statutory goals. The Fund operates on the principles of voluntariness, publicity and self-financing. The fund's activities are carried out at the expense of its own property and voluntary contributions of Kazakhstan and foreign legal entities and individuals.
The foundation is named after Kemel Tokayev, a writer and journalist.
Kemel Tokayev was born in 1923 in the Karatal district of Taldy-Kurgan region. He was a member of the Great Patriotic War. In 1948 he graduated from the Kazakh State University named after S.M. Kirov. He worked in the editorial offices of the newspapers "Leninshil Zhas", "Kazakhstan Pioneer", "Socialist Kazakhstan", from 1966 to 1977 - was a Chief Editor of "Bulletin of Supreme Soviet of the Kazakh SSR". He worked fruitfully in the genre of detective-adventure literature. He published nine collections of stories and short stories: "Star Trek" (1954), "Stream" (1958), "Thoughts of the Future" (1965), "Special Assignment" (1968), Night Shot (in Kazakh and Russian— 1972, 1976), "The Case in Sargavan" (1975). The story "Labeled gold" is included in the collective collection "Sparing no life" dedicated to the Chekists-Kazakhstanis (1977). In 1956, 1972, 1977, 1980, K. Tokayev’s novels were awarded first prizes at competitions announced by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Kazakh SSR and the Writers Union of Kazakhstan. K. Tokayev – is the author of the play "Who is the criminal?", "The Red Commissioner". He was awarded the Order of the Patriotic War, II degree, several medals of the USSR.
The Mission of the foundation is to assist and create conditions for a decent life and full development of children, maintaining the priority of family values.
The objectives of the foundation are:
The purpose of the fund: is development of education, provision of material and technical aid to students of the Kemel Tokayev secondary school and pupils of the Ushtobe orphanage; grants for children from socially unprotected families to study in universities, support for gifted students.
During the operation of the fund a lot of work has been done. Graduates of the Kemel Tokayev Secondary School were allocated 18 grants to study in universities. Sixteen children studied in Kazakhstan, two in China, Hangzhou in the University of Science and Technology.
Six people graduated from universities and are now working.
Four guys are graduating this year.
Ten students of honor from the school named after K.Tokayev monthly receive a scholarship in the amount of 10,000 tenge.
The Fund constantly provides humanitarian assistance to students of the school and the Ushtobe orphanage in the purchase of clothing, stationery, computers, and furniture.
And how much joy do the children of primary classes get from the New Year celebration, with the presentation of gifts!
In the year of the 90th anniversary of the birth of Kemel Tokayev, the Alley of Memory of Kemel Tokayev was laid on the school grounds.
The Kemel Tokayev Museum, where his personal belongings are located: books, archival documents decorated the exposition “The Battle Path of Kemel Tokayev”, “Father and Son” became the center of work on the patriotic education of the younger generation.
In October of this year, it is planned to open the exhibition “Motherland is the land that is sung by the word of the writer. ”
The Foundation, together with the school staff, is working on studying the creative heritage of the great writer Kemel Tokayev.
With this aim the following is being held:
Annual Tokaev Readings (October 2, the writer's birthday)
The result was the release of the book "Kemel Tokayev - Warrior, Writer, Citizen."
rendering assistance and support to large and socially vulnerable families, needy and sick children, children with disabilities, orphanages and kindergartens, children's hospitals and departments, boarding schools, rehabilitation centers for minors, children's associations and other organizations involved in solving children's problems ; Tasks:
- assisting children and adolescents in obtaining a decent higher education in the best universities of the country and abroad, the development of intellectual and creative opportunities, the creation of conditions for the development of young talents;
- moral and patriotic education of the younger generation, education in children and adolescents of love for their country, its culture and traditions;
- collection of financial, material and other means to perform statutory tasks.
In accordance with its objectives, the Foundation carries out the following activities:
Accumulation of funds as well as other property transferred in the form of voluntary donations and humanitarian aid
Construction and organization of socially significant objects, including mosques, preschool institutions, schools, medical institutions;
Cooperation with representatives of private business, international and foreign organizations;
Cooperation with local executive and representative authorities in order to efficiently use available resources and capabilities;
Implementation of industrial, scientific and innovative and economic activities in order to fulfill the statutory tasks of the Fund;
Promoting the creation of new jobs;
Assistance and support to orphans, widows, the disabled, the poor, socially vulnerable groups of the population who are below the poverty line, other types of charitable activities;
Conducting cultural, spiritual, educational, social and recreational activities aimed at moral education, increasing the patriotic feelings of the population;
Work in various areas of cultural, educational, spiritual, scientific, technical, industrial, creative, physical, cultural and recreational activities, leisure activities;
Assistance in attracting loans, donations, sponsorship and charitable assistance, other financial resources to support statutory goals and activities.
The founders of the fund are the children and grandchildren of Kemel Tokayev.

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